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Does She Have Kids. When it came to his net worth, he was just like the rest of us. The conversation took place before he killed himself after a police chase in Florida. Evonitz fooled everyone, including his family. Later, when examining Evonitz's pornographic tape collection, they found out why. A People report about Karas bravery noted: However, by the time authorities got there, Evonitz had fled. When she led police back to Evonitz's apartment, he was gone. In his wifes absence, he abducted 15-year-old Kara Robinson from her friends yard in Columbia at gunpoint. Created in 2005, what started as a tiny central Florida-based website and short weekly podcast that allowed our audience to visit Walt Disney World virtually has grown into the publishing company it is today. Richard Evonitz. She was reportedly 17 years old. Sisterhood Of Survival: Elizabeth Smart, Kara Robinson Spearhead New Oxygen Documentary, How Kara Robinson Tried to Cope with Trauma. In broad daylight, Robinson was abducted by a stranger who had pulled up in his car and approached her, ostensibly to hand her some magazines . Still, Evonitz left no witnesses or clues. She was. For some reason, she did not walk at her regular time. Police think while his 20-year-old wife was on vacation, Mr. Evonitz kidnapped a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint on June 24, forced her to his vehicle, drove her to his Columbia apartment and. He filed for bankruptcy in 1997, unable to keep up with bills following a divorce, and had a house foreclosed in 1999 following a failed business venture, but at the time of his death, Evonitz had been working at an air-compressor company since moving to South Carolina a few years earlier. Richard Marc Edward Evonitz (July 29, 1963 - June 27, 2002) was an American serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist responsible for the deaths of three teenaged girls in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and the abduction and rape of a 15-year-old girl in Richland County, South Carolina. While her friend got ready, Robinson was watering the front lawn. "Obviously, we're all anxious and want to solve this, but we're also very cautious," Smith said. " Who is Hope Marie Crowley? This included one of Richards sisters, to whom he reportedly confessed the three murders. On one of those trips in Hanover County, he discovered an isolated bridge over the South Anna River on State Route 738. The 39-year-old killed himself following a police chase in Florida that same year. Inside the Magic is the worlds largest website for fans of Disney World, Disneyland, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. When arrested a month later, he pleaded no contest to the charge of a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior in the presence of a child and was ordered three years of probation. A WARNING: Evonitz's sexual obsessions are key to understanding him. During that time, she met 36-year-old Richard Marc Evonitz of Columbia, South Carolina, and love quickly blossomed between the two. Evonitz took the girl to his apartment, where they were alone because his wife and mother were vacationing at Walt Disney World, and carried the container inside. As the investigators searched for the suspect, they soon traced his location to Sarasota, Florida. The small village, near the border of Pennsylvania, was one of the filming locations used for the Netflix adaptation of Don DeLillo's White . "No signs of the monster.". Kara Robinsons Story Comes Up In Law Enforcement Career, How Kara Robinson Tried to Cope with Trauma, Kara Robinson Didnt Want People to Feel Sorry for Her, In broad daylight, Robinson was abducted by a stranger who had pulled up in his car and approached her, ostensibly to hand her some magazines, she told. Richard had separated from his first wife, Bonnie Lou Gower, in 1996 and was considerably older than Hope. While searching his apartment, they found evidence connecting him to all three murders, "It is kind of scary that some guy was out there looking at me, one of the girls described in the notes told the, And while Evonitz was described by those who knew him as a well-respected, married Navy veteran who. [4], Following his stint in the Navy, Evonitz worked steadily at businesses that sold compressors and grinding equipment. From all accounts, officials said, Evonitz exhibited no violent behavior in childhood, and he got along well in the Navy and at work. Richard Marc Evonitz forever changed the way area residents view the community. Kristin Lisk was a 15-year-old who was finishing up her first year of high school and like playing soccer. : r/standwithusa. "We had a couple of fights about the footlocker," Hope Evonitz said in a recent interview with The Free Lance-Star. For more on this case and Robinson's story, watch"Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story.". Hope Evonitz rode with her husband on some of these trips. They argue that many people grow up in toxic surroundings and don't become serial killers. Thankfully, Kara exhibited immense bravery despite her trauma and managed to escape Richards house the following day. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . The next morning, he slept beside Kara on his bed when she somehow managed to free herself and escape the apartment. November 18, 2021 . At this point, Evonitz was serving in the US Navy and the couple were based between California and Maine. He was attacked by a police dog and ultimately shot himself while surrounded, rather than face the consequences of his actions. A 15-year-old kidnap survivor's escape led police to a serial killer: Richard Evonitz. I wasn't going to breach that.". In addition to the newspaper clippings, the police found notes about the three girls and directions to a location near their home. She began working with the Richland County Sheriff's Department as a school resource officer. Inside his apartment they found a locked foot-locker with newspaper clippings about the unsolved murders of three girls: Sofia Silva and sisters Kati and Kristin Lisk. It seemed that Evonitz delighted in outsmarting police, in making his crimes as daring as possible. They were scenes of him, wearing the underwear and pleasuring himself. was twice awarded the Navy Good Conduct Medal, the 38-year-old had actually been in trouble with the law before, for masturbating in front of a teen girl, The Washington Post reported. Dawn was breaking when Evonitz fell asleep and Robinson recognized her chance to flee. She was 17 years old at the time and Evonitz was 36. She was eventually able to escape and share information with authorities. The notes contained the addresses of two other young girls and descriptions of them, The Associated Press reported. Authorities found the fingerprints of Krista Lisk inside one of his vehicles, further incriminating him in the heinous murders. Lexington County Sheriff James R. Metts said Evonitz tied the girl up and raped her. He also will host an FBI "working group" on Evonitz next year. Hope Evonitz, his second wife,. Crowley was working as a waitress at Aunt Sarah's . The man behind the wheel was Richard (Marc) Evonitz, 38, who was prowling the neighborhood for his next victim after murdering three girls Sofia Silva, 16, and sisters Kristin, 15, and Kati Lisk, 12 years earlier. She began working as an assignment editor on the local desk in 2011. Friends and neighbors described the Evonitzs as a pleasant couple, especially Richard was known as someone who was friendly and loved animals. So he deviated from his plan. Later the authorities would prove he killed at least 3 . Richard Marc Evonitz, was born on July 29, 1963 in Columbia, South Carolina. Moreover, Richard admitted that he often had uncontrollable sexual urges and would look for and target teenage girls. Evonitz married Bonnie Lou Gower from 1988 to 1996, and then his second wife Hope Marie Crowley from 1999 till his death. You can view a clip below: Today, Kara runs a website, where she offers hope and encouragement to other survivors.. Three years after Bonnie Lou Gower left Richard Evonitz, he remarried Hope Marie Crowley. Their continuing work has unlocked some of the mystery that surrounds the man: the why behind his crimes, and the nature and extent of his dangerous perversions. The case was first regarded as a missing person case rather than an abduction until Silva was discovered dead in a marsh five weeks later. In broad daylight, Robinson was abducted by a stranger who had pulled up in his car and approached her, ostensibly to hand her some magazines, she told Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story, a two-hour Oxygen special that premiered September 26 and is now streaming. But that brazen kidnapper, the one operating in the clear light of day, does exist. On June 24, 2002, 15-year-old Kara Robinson was at a friend's house in Lexington County, South Carolina preparing for a day at the lake. Sofia Silva, 16; Kristin Lisk and her sister Kati Lisk, Kristin Lisk was a 15-year-old who was finishing up her first year of high school and like playing soccer. ", One exception that investigators have focused on is Evonitz's 1988 conviction for exposing himself to a teenager and her toddler sister in Florida. In September 1996, Sofia Silva, 16, disappeared from her. [2], In January 1987, Evonitz exposed himself and masturbated in front of a 15-year-old girl in Orange Park, Florida. In one swift movement, she moved the items [that were blocking the doorway], shoved the vacuum cleaner into the closet and slammed it shut, opened the front door and ran out. Robinson has publicly spoken about the terrifying ordeal, years before the Lifetime true crime movie aired. 0. They will focus on possible links between Evonitz and unsolved crimes. The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story. Along the way, he called his sister and confessed to killing someone and committing "more crimes than he can remember," according to the Washington Post. Three years after Bonnie Lou Gower left Richard Evonitz, he remarried Hope Marie Crowley. But she changed her routine that Monday. To her, they were harmless sightseeing trips. [3], Richard Marc Edward Evonitz was born at Providence Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, to Joseph and Tess Ragin Evonitz. Richard forced the teenager into a plastic bin, drove her to his apartment, and tied her hands and feet. It's going to be quite extensive.". This helped the police track down his location. "He was somebody who felt everything closing in on him.

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